VR / 360 interactive projects

chris 360 video

Some projects require interactivity.
Sometimes an app is created and deployed for use in VR headsets.
Sometimes these projects are hosted on a website.

Incorporating videos, animations, and photographs or illustrations, any media can be used to make projects successful, even audio. Sometimes a menu needs to be used to present multiple choices.
This marketing is used to promote and educate salespeople on this … Read More

Cisco motion design

chris compositing, motion design

3d graphics

click to view video.
This is an early version that shows the overall look and feel of this project.

project: New marketing promo for sales, internal, and website use.
software: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere
client: Cisco TV 

ARC animated promo

chris motion design

project: New marketing promo video used internally and on corporate website.
software:After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
client: ARC Reprographics via ThinkTwice Legal Inc.