Game of Thrones themed holiday video

chris motion design

Game of Loans

This is part of a 1:30 animated introduction to a Game of Loans spoof video was for use at a holiday party. Stock images, 2D and 3D graphics, and various lighting fx are combined to create these shots designed to meet quick turnaround and budget requirements. I created everything in these shots with the exception of a stock image or 2 … Read More

3d warehouse – interactive

chris motion design


This interactive presentation focusing on the collapsed roof, damaged supports, and the portion of the warehouse in use. CAD files, site photographs, and construction drawings were used as source for 3D the model. The client was unable to determine specific views for their final presentation needs and liked the option of having the flexibility to change views live during the … Read More

animated interaction designs

chris motion design

warehouse live view

product demos and prototypes
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jQuery driven interactive maps
Flash based elearning projects
technology tutorials

corporate presentation

chris motion design

cisco demo intro video

project: introduction for corporate video training – synced to voiceover
software: After Effects, Illustrator
client: CiscoTV

Cisco motion design

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3d graphics

click to view video.
This is an early version that shows the overall look and feel of this project.

project: New marketing promo for sales, internal, and website use.
software: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere
client: Cisco TV 

Frozen Themed Holiday Video

chris compositing, motion design

frozen fx

These are effects shots for use at a corporate holiday party. Stock images, 2D and 3D graphics, and particle fx are combined to create these shots designed to meet quick turnaround and budget requirements.

Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects
Client: Shoulderhigh Video Productions for SVB

3d cable construction

chris motion design

cable cutaways

Interactive presentation design and 3D animation series as part of a larger presentation. There was a need to clearly identify the different parts of high end a/v cables. There was a short turnaround time for this project and a number of different cables to illustrate.

software: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Flash
client: withheld due to nda

ARC animated promo

chris motion design

project: New marketing promo video used internally and on corporate website.
software:After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
client: ARC Reprographics via ThinkTwice Legal Inc.

king of paint

chris motion design

logo animation

Advertising logo animation – concept, storyboard, design, and production. Delivered rendered sequence for inclusion in on air commercial.

software: After Effects, Illustrator
client: Van Pelham, Producer. for Mike Taylor Designs

New Patient Orientation

chris compositing, motion design

Multiple shots of animated characters used in a new patient orientation video. Characters from the new building’s decor are recreated and animated to increase interest during this orientation video aimed at children and their parents. This seal clip required rotoscoping and motion tracking to integrate the seal characters. This project also included creation of a 3D representation of the building’s … Read More