client list

chris batorinfo

My clients hire me because they know I will not only make sure things get done, but I will do it in a way that makes my clients look good to their customers. I make sure that they are getting the best solution to their problem.

Often this requires helping to more clearly define their problem. This can lead to offering a technical solution that they did not know was possible, or a more efficient workflow that increases efficiency so that turnaround times and client responsiveness improves. Time estimates can be created and used for budgeting and scheduling if there is not already a defined deadline.

recent clients:

  • ThinkTwice Legal
  • CaseArt Legal Graphics
  • 5 Corners Group
  • Fulcrum Legal Graphics

some end clients:


other clients:

  • orrick herrington & sutcliff
  • rough house editorial
  • beyond pix
  • sf channel 29
  • kneecap graph x
  • nocturne productions
  • sy klopps studios
  • clear case legal
  • lengsfelder media alliance
  • ninth house network
  • rebis industrial software
Some types of projects:
  • motion graphics
  • technology tutorials
  • interaction design
  • websites
  • corporate presentations
  • interactive timelines