Chris Bator is my #1 go-to designer for interactive projects, web design, animation and flash. His imaginatively rich information design sensibilities “inform” his vast technical skill set, and vice versa. Chris is collaborative, innovative, problem-solving and dedicated to “make great” any project he takes on. It’s almost like cheating to have Chris on the job. Highly, highly recommended!

Dave Nugent, CaseArt Legal Graphics – Principal and Senior Producer


To every information design challenge, Chris brings a keen creative eye, a superb knowledge of available software applications, a solution-oriented approach, and a can-do attitude. Chris would make a fine addition to any graphic design team.

Ralph Mongeluzo, Empowering attorneys in courtrooms everywhere


Chris has vast knowledge and practical experience with many creative and authoring applications. At Think Twice we worked primarily with Adobe After Effects and Flash with which Chris has exceptional talent and technique. I have worked with Chris at other organizations where he has shown considerable aptitude with Cinema 4D. Chris has always freely shared his knowledge and wisdom. He is a great collaborator and is truly pleasurable to work with.

Dave Carness, Creator at Tetragenesis Visualization


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Chris has more than 14 years of experience in corporate presentations, litigation, education, and marketing projects. Experience working as part of a team and integrating into existing studio workflows quickly is a skill that results increases in productivity most of the time.

Projects that combine new techniques with well thought out user centered design concepts continually expand my creativity and resourcefulness. Helping businesses by creating experiences that are easy for users, ultimately makes your job easier too. Chris can take a project from concept through completion and is skilled at visualizing other’s ideas and integrating feedback.

History: In the more distant past, I grew up on the east coast outside of Boston. I ski patrolled on weekends, and took lots of photographs. Then I went to the University of Colorado, at Boulder for college. I studied Business, and skied more. After living near Vail for the ski season after graduating, I headed to San Francisco and studied interactive media. I’ve been here ever since.


  • digital media project planning, scheduling, and estimating
  • interaction and experience (UI/UX) design for presentations and websites
  • 2D and 3D motion graphics with an emphasis on simplifying the complex
  • information graphics and timelines – interactive and animated
  • technology tutorials, litigation graphics – patent infringement / intellectual property